Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to School

I want to upload the pictures from the last post, I hope it works this time, because I also have first day of school pics to post!
this is the 40 BLOWS bouquet I made

and the Sugar Scrub...
I added a tag and ribbon but forgot to take a picture

So, last week school started for Tyler, then Nathan and Lincoln started yesterday.  They were ready to see who would be in their classes and meet their teachers but like their mama, not ready for summer to end! It's crazy too how cold the mornings are now. The kids start school and in a snap of a finger it's fall weather :/ I know, I know, some people are loving this weather...just not me!

this was from last week when Tyler started school

Through Pinterest I found these great FREE First Day of School Printables, so I printed out one for Nathan and one for Lincoln, then we went outside for our 'photo shoot'...lol!

Then we waited for the bus. Of course I wanted a picture of them getting on the bus, but I didn't want the glare from the sun :/ oh well! After they left on the bus, I gathered up my things and met them at school so I could take pictures of them getting off the bus too! I know, a bit much you may say, but I was not the only mama there doing that...lol! I also went in and met Nathan's teacher, whom I have subbed for before. :) She seems like a great teacher and Lincoln has the same teacher Nathan had last year, also a great teacher!  

They came home excited and happy, for the most part. They are bummed that not all their friends are in their classes and they were looking forward to being on the playground together this year (in the past 1st and 2nd grade ate lunch & went on the playground together, but this year each grade goes by themselves).

Today Nathan got dressed in his new Skylanders t-shirt that matches his bookbag and lunchbox, but as the morning progressed he started getting one of his headaches. So we took Lincoln to school and when we came home he put his jammies on and went to bed. He's been alot more tired and we think it might be because of the increased meds. He has an appointment to go back to the clinic on the 18th, so we'll see what they say.

Well, he is up from his nap, so I will go be with my baby. Please continue to keep my FB friend, Mel and her family in your prayers. A week ago Sunday, her lil girl went to be with Jesus.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer is almost over :(

School is about to start and we haven't really done a whole lot in our last week off! Tyler was real sick last week, Lincoln had a double ear infection, and Nathan was moody from the steroids so we didn't go anywhere last week. That drove me nuts!!!!! However, I have been working on some of Lincoln's party prep. I've been spray painting baby food jars and boxes! I made and printed his invitations.

Tyler is on the mend, just is all stuffy, Lincoln's ears are finally clearing up, and Nathan started running a 99.something low grade fever today. Not sure what it means but praying he's not getting sick. Tyler starts school tomorrow started school today but the lil guys have this week off still before they start back on Monday. I was hoping to get in another beach day before they go back, but it looks like rain all week :(

Sunday I logged into my Facebook and found some devastating news. A beautiful 5 year old received her angel wings early that morning. Back when Nathan was first diagnosed with Leukemia, I met a wonderful mother and her precious young daughter online. Her Mia, who's the same age as Lincoln, also had ALL. Mel was a great support in those beginning months, and we kept up with each other through our caringbridge pages. Then we became FB friends. Last summer, while in maintanence, Mia relapsed. She had to have a bone marrow transplant that October, her wonderful older sister was her donor! Mia was in and out of the hospital many times throughout the year. She ended up relapsing again but it was too soon for another transplant. Mia became very sick but she was happiest when she was at home, so  her parents took her home. Mia went home to be with Jesus and her family needs your prayers as they mourn the loss of dear sweet Mia!

Also on Sunday we had been invited to a 40th surprise party so it was a great time to make one of the 40 Blows gifts I found on Pinterest. I decided to combine the two main ideas of gumballs or blow pops and I made a blow pop bouquet in a vase filled with gumballs. I then added a cute ribbon around the vase and made a lil sign that says 40 BLOWS and glued that to the ribbon. I also made a gift tag that I glued onto a skewer and placed in the bouquet.

I also made a homemade sugar scrub! Again I found the idea on Pinterest, but the original post came from http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2012/03/make-your-own-gardeners-hand-scrub.html. I love it!!!

I have pictures but for whatever reason the blog is not letting me upload my pics :(

Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Fun!

So Tyler came back from teen camp Saturday, August 4th and the next day after church the boys and I went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days! We loved the movie, but we love all the Wimpy Kid books and movies! Then on Wednesday we went to Hershey Park. We went to Hershey World first and did the chocolate factory tour.

After the tour, we grabbed some milkshakes then went into the park for the 3 hour preview! We stopped in the front of the park to check which candy bar they were so we would know which rides they could ride. WELL, we had a couple unhappy kids! lol

He did not want to be a Reese's, he really wanted to be a Hershey bar

And he wanted to be a Reese's because he likes them!

He thought I was being ridiculous making him stand near the tallest candy because he is taller than it! But I told him I didn't care! LOL

Ah, fun times! So anyway, we get into the park and of course the first thing we MUST do is grab a map and stop to look at it!

Of course, it doesn't really matter what the map says, we ended up stopping at the very first ride and then just going from there. But, it's always good to refer back to the map! :)
We did get to see the Reese's guy AND the HErshey's guy, so both lil boys were happy!

We had a great time. We stayed at a Country Inn and Suites, which was very nice, but we really weren't there long enough to enjoy the place. Thursday morning we had breakfast there, then went back to Hershey for the day. (There are pictures on my FB page)

Friday we spent the day washing and packing clothes for Tyler and Nathan to go to camp, and preparing for the giant waterslide party we were hosting on Saturday, while Lincoln went to his first sleep over at a friend's house! He had a so much fun at his friend Dominic's house! And we all had a blast at the waterslide party! The kids only stopped to eat because we made them...lol...they were having so much fun! I enjoyed sitting and chatting with great friends and family who came! We really missed those who weren't able to come.

It did rain off and on but that didn't stop the kids!!! Well, one did say he wasn't going on the slide because it was raining...all while he was riding the scooter, in the rain! That was pretty funny! Tons of pictures have been posted on my FB page.

Sunday, we dropped Lincoln off at my in-laws and then headed up to PA to take Nathan and Tyler to the Ronald McDonald camp that Nathan had been accepted to go to with one sibling! He was so excited! We drove almost 4 hours away from home, in the middle of nowhere! I was excited for Nathan but still got teary eyed as we left him at his first sleep away camp!

heading into Tyler's cabin

Nathan's cabin (to the left)

he's all unpacked and ready for a week of fun

Lincoln had, according to him, a great week without his brothers. He told them, when asked if he missed them, "No, I actually forgot about you. I had fun by myself, without you!" Hmm! While the brothers were away, Lincoln had a playdate with friend's, a trip to the park, a beach day with his cousin who also came over for a sleepover, and a sleepover at mom-mom and pop-pop's! While Lincoln was at my in-laws, we drove back up to PA to pick up the boys! I was so excited to see them! Nathan was so funny. He talked about camp non-stop for at least a half hour straight. He did fall alseep in the car for a bit and when he woke up he continued telling us all about camp!!! Um, yeah, I think he had a good time! Tyler loved it too! But I figured he would. This was his third camp this summer!

That afternoon, I took Nathan and Lincoln to a friend's birthday/pool party. They had a great time! Then the next day, after church, we went to the movies again, this time to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green! Oh My Goodness what a good movie! I cried!!!! The boys all liked the movie as well! It really is a great family movie!

Thankfully, this past week has not been as busy! They all have been to a friend's house and we went to the beach one day. However, we did end up at the doctors with Lincoln, the cold he ended up getting last week has led to a double ear infection, so he is on an antibiotic and today Tyler woke up with a fever and a sore throat! Prayers for everyone to get better over the weekend! Next week is Tyler's last week before school starts, it would be nice to get in at least one more beach day before he goes back! And Nathan goes to the clinic on Monday for a spinal tap and his monthly check up!

It's time to start getting everything together for Lincoln's birthday party. I want to make him a LEGO pinata, here are some ideas I have found on Pinterest.
This Lego Mini Figure Head is from http://craftypartyideas.blogspot.com/ 
Here is the other pinata idea, the easier one, from http://deliacreates.blogspot.com/2011/01/lego-pull-pinata.html
I will probably be making a Lego Brick pinata and definetly with the pull strings because his party will be held at Starbound Gymnastics and there is no place in there for a pinata. So I told Greg he will have to hold it while the kids all pull the strings...hehehehe!

I also have to get the invitations made. We have free invitations from the gym but they are permission waivers for the kids who will be participating so I still need regular invites as well! We went the other day to order his Lego City plates and stuff from Party City.

Here's another sneak peek at a few more things I will be making.
The gift bags/pinata candy bags
Lego Party bags
and these adorable Lego mini figure heads
Lego Pyramid crop

So I am very excited to get started on all the prep work for Lincoln's party! I also tons various size boxes I have been saving so I can spray paint them and turn them into Lego bricks for table decorations!

Now off to the grocery store! Check back in a week or so, I should have some photo challenge picturess up and who knows what else! :) Until then....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Fun

August is just flying by! It makes me sad to think that in just a few short weeks summer will be over and the kids will be back in school :( ! I love summer, even though there are days I wish the kids were in school because there is constent bickering between them. lol

While Tyler was away at teen camp, his second camp for the summer, Greg and I took Nathan and Lincoln to Dutch Wonderland. The boys had a blast!

There are more pictures on my FB page

One day Lincoln and I made homemade model magic clay. I found the idea on Pinterest, but the original post was from southernasbiscuits.com. .

While he was using the cookie cutters to mold & sculpt his clay, I made cloud dough from  happyhooligans.wordpress.com, also found on Pinterest! I enjoyed the cloud dough, great for sensory play. This dough was so easy to make. It called for only two ingredients, flour and baby oil.


Lincoln loved the feel of this dough as well! LOL

After a while, he decided to mix the two doughs and see what would happen.
We had a great time just playing together. What a great summer memory!

After Tyler came home from camp, I took all three boys to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days. We all enjoyed the movie very much. We have read all the books and own the first two movies, they can't wait for this one to come out on DVD so we can get that one too!

We also went to Hershey Park and hosted a giant waterslide party at our house! Pictures and more on those activities in the next post!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge

I always seem to be a few weeks behind on these photo challenges. :/ Anywho, the last two I missed were Countryside and Youngster. Then this weeks is Luminous. Not real sure if I have a good one for luminous :/ but I'll post what I have.
This picture I captured a couple of weeks ago, my in laws have a farm and we have a small garden. Well, the in laws are ALWAYS getting groundhogs, but this year was our first. My husband set out his dad's trap. This little guy is kinda cute...

The next picture is my nephew blowing bubbles, I love this picture...

This week's challenge...

Well, now I am all caught up...hopefully I can post the next challenge on time :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nathan's Beach Blast Birthday

My boy is growing up fast...Friday, July 13th, he turned 7!!! Oh eM Gee!!! I can't believe 7 years ago I was holding my preemie, 3 lb 15 oz baby and now I can barely hold him on my lap! Preemie he is not anymore! I have been blessed a million times over with him! I love this kid to pieces! He wanted a beach party...a party on the beach actually! But we compromised and went to the beach on his birthday and had a beach blast party at home! On his birthday we thought he would lose his top tooth, but it wasn't quite ready enough, but one week later, the day before his party, it fell out. We were in BJ's and he was eating a sample piece of corn on the cob. I turned around to say something to him and noticed that his tooth was missing. He had some corn in his mouth so I made him spit it out in the little bowl. He haad no clue the tooth fell out and we didn't know where it was. I thought maybe he swallowed it, but we found it in the bowl. hahahaha, that was too funny. His other top tooth had become lose but he also had a lose bottom tooth as well and today the top one fell out. When I went to check the progress of the bottom tooth, it was gone! We have no idea when it fell out or where, and now I really am thinking he swallowed that one! So he wrote a note to the tooth fairy today. It says, "Dear tooth fairy I Lost Bottom tooth. write if you will give me money" . hahahaha...I think the tooth fairy is leaving money even though the tooth is MIA! I have created a slideshow of all the pictures through smilebox (minus any from today, they will be posted later).
http://smilebox.com/playBlog/4d7a49324e54497a4d54413d0d0a&blogview=true (I can't get the slideshow to post right here so you have to click this link in order to see it...sorry)

I also made some cool candy jars, ideas that I found on Pinterest. The first two are made to look like gumball machines. I spray painted flower pots and small wooden doll heads, then I glued a candy bowl from the dollar store onto the bottom of the flowerpot and the small doll head is glued as a handle onto the pot base.

The second one I made I used a candlestick from the dollar store and a glass bowl also bought at the dollar store.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time for an update...

Time sure does fly!!! Alot has happened since the toyroom makeover post. At that time the kids were all away. Tyler came home from his vacation with Greg's parents and we headed out to Ohio to visit my family, and see the lil guys! We arrived at my parents on a Saturday and the following Monday the kids, Greg, and I headed to Niagara Falls for 2 nights. We had a good time! The kids loved it, Greg wasn't very impressed, but I love the falls!

The view from our room!

The horseshoe falls

The 'behind the falls' view

the American Falls - view from the Maid of the Mist

Wednesday we headed back to Ohio. We had so much fun visiting with my mom & dad, my brother, Chris, my sis-in-law, Michelle, and their kids, Lil Chris and Ayla!

We celebrated the 3 lil boys' birthdays (June, July, & September). So we had some specialty cupcakes for each of the kids.

Chris' was a Happy Birthday Cupcake.

Nathan's was a cheeseburger cupcake,
(he's not too happy because he really wanted one like Lincoln).

Lincoln had a duck in the pond cupcake.

Ayla's was a 'princess' cupcake.

And Tyler had a peanut butter cup cupcake

Since my brother's b-day is in September as well, we decided to sing to him too!

The kids exchanged presents! Look at their smiling faces!

 I just love this picture, but I realize as I am posting these that I never did any edits. opps

The kids had a blast dog piling onto Greg!

There was lots of bubble blowing, too!

 She's just too cute! Look at those curls!

Cousin picture time...

They also had a blast trying out Lil' Chris' new waterslide!

Us big 'kids' wanted to try it out too! Oh well! We also went to a Balloon Festival, however, we were too early for the actual balloon part so we did not see any hot air balloons :( but the kids had a good time playing paintball and riding the ponies!

Time for ice cream!

Greg and I went to Put In Bay Island on Lake Erie. We had a great time and decided to take the kids and my parents. (My mom had been there before with Chris & Michelle) The best part is that we got to ride around the whole island on a golf cart.

A Limo size Golf Cart...lol

Tyler and Lincoln on the Rock Wall...
Lincoln made it to the top before Tyler

swimming at the public pool


Good Bye Put In Bay...
Till next time

What a great start to our summer!!!

However, while we were away, a bad storm hit here and we came home to no electric, and some damage done to the yard and house.

The tree across the street fell and laid in the middle of the street till Wednesday.

Part of the porch fell

That white thing up there as well as tons of shingles blew off.

Our tree fell over.

Our yard had to be roped off because cars were driving through it.

See that drill, it drilled a hole in our gas line...what fun added to the mess :/

The kids camped out in the living room the first night
(Tyler went to the bedroom in the basement, it was cooler)

Tuesday, my in-laws had electric, so the kids slept at their house and everyone (including the dog) kinda hung out at their house or the pool during the day.  By Thursday, we had electric! What a week!
During this time, Nathan had an appointment at the clinic for a check up and IV chemo. His counts are still really high and if they are high again at the next visit, his meds will be increased again. His lil body is tolerating the meds so well, that his counts are not going down like they should. We were told not to worry, but I'm just not sure I like him being on 125% meds or higher. But, I am thankful that God has being healing him and keeping him well!

I was also extremely busy preparing for Nathan's birthday party. But that will be the next post. Probably tomorrow! What a blast that was! Everyone had a ball! ;)