Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to School

I want to upload the pictures from the last post, I hope it works this time, because I also have first day of school pics to post!
this is the 40 BLOWS bouquet I made

and the Sugar Scrub...
I added a tag and ribbon but forgot to take a picture

So, last week school started for Tyler, then Nathan and Lincoln started yesterday.  They were ready to see who would be in their classes and meet their teachers but like their mama, not ready for summer to end! It's crazy too how cold the mornings are now. The kids start school and in a snap of a finger it's fall weather :/ I know, I know, some people are loving this weather...just not me!

this was from last week when Tyler started school

Through Pinterest I found these great FREE First Day of School Printables, so I printed out one for Nathan and one for Lincoln, then we went outside for our 'photo shoot'...lol!

Then we waited for the bus. Of course I wanted a picture of them getting on the bus, but I didn't want the glare from the sun :/ oh well! After they left on the bus, I gathered up my things and met them at school so I could take pictures of them getting off the bus too! I know, a bit much you may say, but I was not the only mama there doing that...lol! I also went in and met Nathan's teacher, whom I have subbed for before. :) She seems like a great teacher and Lincoln has the same teacher Nathan had last year, also a great teacher!  

They came home excited and happy, for the most part. They are bummed that not all their friends are in their classes and they were looking forward to being on the playground together this year (in the past 1st and 2nd grade ate lunch & went on the playground together, but this year each grade goes by themselves).

Today Nathan got dressed in his new Skylanders t-shirt that matches his bookbag and lunchbox, but as the morning progressed he started getting one of his headaches. So we took Lincoln to school and when we came home he put his jammies on and went to bed. He's been alot more tired and we think it might be because of the increased meds. He has an appointment to go back to the clinic on the 18th, so we'll see what they say.

Well, he is up from his nap, so I will go be with my baby. Please continue to keep my FB friend, Mel and her family in your prayers. A week ago Sunday, her lil girl went to be with Jesus.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer is almost over :(

School is about to start and we haven't really done a whole lot in our last week off! Tyler was real sick last week, Lincoln had a double ear infection, and Nathan was moody from the steroids so we didn't go anywhere last week. That drove me nuts!!!!! However, I have been working on some of Lincoln's party prep. I've been spray painting baby food jars and boxes! I made and printed his invitations.

Tyler is on the mend, just is all stuffy, Lincoln's ears are finally clearing up, and Nathan started running a 99.something low grade fever today. Not sure what it means but praying he's not getting sick. Tyler starts school tomorrow started school today but the lil guys have this week off still before they start back on Monday. I was hoping to get in another beach day before they go back, but it looks like rain all week :(

Sunday I logged into my Facebook and found some devastating news. A beautiful 5 year old received her angel wings early that morning. Back when Nathan was first diagnosed with Leukemia, I met a wonderful mother and her precious young daughter online. Her Mia, who's the same age as Lincoln, also had ALL. Mel was a great support in those beginning months, and we kept up with each other through our caringbridge pages. Then we became FB friends. Last summer, while in maintanence, Mia relapsed. She had to have a bone marrow transplant that October, her wonderful older sister was her donor! Mia was in and out of the hospital many times throughout the year. She ended up relapsing again but it was too soon for another transplant. Mia became very sick but she was happiest when she was at home, so  her parents took her home. Mia went home to be with Jesus and her family needs your prayers as they mourn the loss of dear sweet Mia!

Also on Sunday we had been invited to a 40th surprise party so it was a great time to make one of the 40 Blows gifts I found on Pinterest. I decided to combine the two main ideas of gumballs or blow pops and I made a blow pop bouquet in a vase filled with gumballs. I then added a cute ribbon around the vase and made a lil sign that says 40 BLOWS and glued that to the ribbon. I also made a gift tag that I glued onto a skewer and placed in the bouquet.

I also made a homemade sugar scrub! Again I found the idea on Pinterest, but the original post came from http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2012/03/make-your-own-gardeners-hand-scrub.html. I love it!!!

I have pictures but for whatever reason the blog is not letting me upload my pics :(