Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 1 - Portraiture

This is my first photography picture for this weeks challenge...portraiture
I actually took this picture of Nathan in October of 2010.
We have a couple of birthday parties to go to this weekend, so I will be trying to capture some good pictures.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don't let their outfits and cuteness fool you...

Easter 2012

Here they are, 3 of the loves of my life, the 3 who are my blog name inspiration! I wanted something cutesy like Pink Tutu's & Puppy Paws, or something like that, LOL, but I don't have any little girls! Oh well!

So, I looked at the Photography Blog and this weeks photo challenge is Crimson. Hm, I suppose that means take a picture of something Crimson! Here's the kicker, today is the last day for this challenge. The site changes the challenge on Fridays. Guess I can choose to hurry up and try to do this challenge and get it posted or just start tomorrow! Hmmm, what to do?!

I am so excited to be party planning as well. I love searching the web for ideas. With Nathan's party in July and Lincoln's in September, I am gathering ideas for both! I have found some super cute parties, I especially like the beach theme done in a blue and green color scheme! But I also like incorporating beach balls into the decorations and partyware, so that means a bright multicolored color scheme. Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions! hahaha! Lincoln's party won't be hard, he wants a LEGO party and I already have tons of ideas from when Nathan was going to have a LEGO party. I have also found some great ideas to add to what I already have! To all my friends with little ones, PLEASE save those baby food jars and lids PLEASE!  Thank You :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New to the blogging world...

Well, hello to the blogging world! What a process trying to get this all set up! It has taken me a couple hours to figure out a name for my blog and what I want it to showcase. The main reason I started this blog is because I want to start an online photography group that you need a blog to post your weekly pictures to. But I didn't want this to just be a photography blog...I'm an amatuer photographer...I wanted to be able to showcase my boys and whatever else I may decide to 'blog' about at the moment!

I've been extremely busy the last week and a half, subbing at the various schools and Nathan & I have been brainstorming ideas for his birthday this year. I think we are doing a Beach Bash w/ Boardwalk games! I have my work cut out for me, but I am super excited. Lincoln wants a LEGO party, so I have been keeping that  in mind as I search the web for ideas. I have a great friend who is throwing a Candy Party for her daughter, so we are going to get together to bounce ideas off each other!

Now that I have this set up, I am going to go sign up for my weekly online photog lessons :)