Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nathan's Beach Blast Birthday

My boy is growing up fast...Friday, July 13th, he turned 7!!! Oh eM Gee!!! I can't believe 7 years ago I was holding my preemie, 3 lb 15 oz baby and now I can barely hold him on my lap! Preemie he is not anymore! I have been blessed a million times over with him! I love this kid to pieces! He wanted a beach party...a party on the beach actually! But we compromised and went to the beach on his birthday and had a beach blast party at home! On his birthday we thought he would lose his top tooth, but it wasn't quite ready enough, but one week later, the day before his party, it fell out. We were in BJ's and he was eating a sample piece of corn on the cob. I turned around to say something to him and noticed that his tooth was missing. He had some corn in his mouth so I made him spit it out in the little bowl. He haad no clue the tooth fell out and we didn't know where it was. I thought maybe he swallowed it, but we found it in the bowl. hahahaha, that was too funny. His other top tooth had become lose but he also had a lose bottom tooth as well and today the top one fell out. When I went to check the progress of the bottom tooth, it was gone! We have no idea when it fell out or where, and now I really am thinking he swallowed that one! So he wrote a note to the tooth fairy today. It says, "Dear tooth fairy I Lost Bottom tooth. write if you will give me money" . hahahaha...I think the tooth fairy is leaving money even though the tooth is MIA! I have created a slideshow of all the pictures through smilebox (minus any from today, they will be posted later). (I can't get the slideshow to post right here so you have to click this link in order to see it...sorry)

I also made some cool candy jars, ideas that I found on Pinterest. The first two are made to look like gumball machines. I spray painted flower pots and small wooden doll heads, then I glued a candy bowl from the dollar store onto the bottom of the flowerpot and the small doll head is glued as a handle onto the pot base.

The second one I made I used a candlestick from the dollar store and a glass bowl also bought at the dollar store.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time for an update...

Time sure does fly!!! Alot has happened since the toyroom makeover post. At that time the kids were all away. Tyler came home from his vacation with Greg's parents and we headed out to Ohio to visit my family, and see the lil guys! We arrived at my parents on a Saturday and the following Monday the kids, Greg, and I headed to Niagara Falls for 2 nights. We had a good time! The kids loved it, Greg wasn't very impressed, but I love the falls!

The view from our room!

The horseshoe falls

The 'behind the falls' view

the American Falls - view from the Maid of the Mist

Wednesday we headed back to Ohio. We had so much fun visiting with my mom & dad, my brother, Chris, my sis-in-law, Michelle, and their kids, Lil Chris and Ayla!

We celebrated the 3 lil boys' birthdays (June, July, & September). So we had some specialty cupcakes for each of the kids.

Chris' was a Happy Birthday Cupcake.

Nathan's was a cheeseburger cupcake,
(he's not too happy because he really wanted one like Lincoln).

Lincoln had a duck in the pond cupcake.

Ayla's was a 'princess' cupcake.

And Tyler had a peanut butter cup cupcake

Since my brother's b-day is in September as well, we decided to sing to him too!

The kids exchanged presents! Look at their smiling faces!

 I just love this picture, but I realize as I am posting these that I never did any edits. opps

The kids had a blast dog piling onto Greg!

There was lots of bubble blowing, too!

 She's just too cute! Look at those curls!

Cousin picture time...

They also had a blast trying out Lil' Chris' new waterslide!

Us big 'kids' wanted to try it out too! Oh well! We also went to a Balloon Festival, however, we were too early for the actual balloon part so we did not see any hot air balloons :( but the kids had a good time playing paintball and riding the ponies!

Time for ice cream!

Greg and I went to Put In Bay Island on Lake Erie. We had a great time and decided to take the kids and my parents. (My mom had been there before with Chris & Michelle) The best part is that we got to ride around the whole island on a golf cart.

A Limo size Golf

Tyler and Lincoln on the Rock Wall...
Lincoln made it to the top before Tyler

swimming at the public pool


Good Bye Put In Bay...
Till next time

What a great start to our summer!!!

However, while we were away, a bad storm hit here and we came home to no electric, and some damage done to the yard and house.

The tree across the street fell and laid in the middle of the street till Wednesday.

Part of the porch fell

That white thing up there as well as tons of shingles blew off.

Our tree fell over.

Our yard had to be roped off because cars were driving through it.

See that drill, it drilled a hole in our gas line...what fun added to the mess :/

The kids camped out in the living room the first night
(Tyler went to the bedroom in the basement, it was cooler)

Tuesday, my in-laws had electric, so the kids slept at their house and everyone (including the dog) kinda hung out at their house or the pool during the day.  By Thursday, we had electric! What a week!
During this time, Nathan had an appointment at the clinic for a check up and IV chemo. His counts are still really high and if they are high again at the next visit, his meds will be increased again. His lil body is tolerating the meds so well, that his counts are not going down like they should. We were told not to worry, but I'm just not sure I like him being on 125% meds or higher. But, I am thankful that God has being healing him and keeping him well!

I was also extremely busy preparing for Nathan's birthday party. But that will be the next post. Probably tomorrow! What a blast that was! Everyone had a ball! ;)